What We Do

We purchase and process a wide range of scrap commodities.  Our end products are clean, reprocessed pellets as well as industry leading, high quality 3/8″ regrind.

Scrap Plastic

  • Sheet cut-offs, scrap pieces, extrusion grade materials
  • Parts, purge, drool, injection grade materials
  • Prime, virgin, wide spec, repro, regrind resins
  • E-waste – computer, printer, TV, etc. Plastic only
  • Finished packaged goods – CD audio, DVD video
  • Post-industrial food packaging, retail packaging, etc.
  • Film, roll stock, stretch, shrink, bags, liners
  • HMW barrel stock – washed
  • Dunnage – carts, totes, pallets, tubs
  • Display – POS, POP, retail housings
  • Indoor/outdoor signage – facings, backings, etc.
  • Optical – lens scrap, purge, sheet, film
  • Obsolete inventory, warehouse clean-out

Scrap Paper

  • Printing Industry – If you are printing on plastic, you are likely printing on paper.  Choice will provide full service on all paper scrap.
  • Cardboard – Nearly every business generates scrap cardboard.
  • Office Paper – When we pick up your scrap plastic, put your office paper on our trailer.

Scrap Metal

  • Printing Industry – Litho Aluminum?  Yes!  Put your plastic, paper, and metal all on the same full service recycle trailer.
  • All Metal Grades  –  Contact us for current pricing.
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Steel – All Grades
    • Precious – Gold, Platinum, etc..